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The Mad Max movies are one of the best sci-fi/action franchises in cinematic history. Hopefully Fury Road will live up to it.
DCF - 3/18/2010

Actor Alex O'Loughlin (vampire P.I. Mick St. John on the short-lived series Moonlight) is currently shooting the pilot for a new version of Hawaii 5-0, which has been co-written by Star Trek's Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. In this brief video interview, O'Loughlin discusses the show.
EdGross - 3/18/2010

This Japanese girl, a.k.a. my new best friend, scares the hell out of the people entering an apartment building by looking like that scary "grudge" girl. Hilarity ensues, but a mad victim gets his revenge on her in the end.
Barry Dingle - 3/17/2010

Through interviews and behind the scenes images (including pre-vis and green screen shots), this is a look back at Clark Kent's single super flight on Smallville in the episode "Crusade."
EdGross - 3/17/2010

Some clever fan compiled and animated Batman's symbol changes throughout the ages. The music is pretty cool too.
DCF - 3/17/2010

X-Men: The 198 is a comic book limited series that was published by Marvel Comics and set in the Marvel Universe shortly after the House of M and Decimation events. The five issue series began publication in January 2006.
DCF - 3/17/2010

Check out the movie poster for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!
Wolvie09 - 3/17/2010

This doesn't exactly fit the mold here but this is too funny not to share.
DCF - 3/17/2010

So, we are in for another 'Monster' movie! No pun intended. But this time around this 'Monster' movie seems to have a bit of substance.
jman77 - 3/17/2010

A person who claims to have an inside source spills the beans on the secrets and ending of the show.
superdog - 3/17/2010

On March 16, cast and crew of ABC's Castle took to the stage at the Paley Center to screen an upcoming episode and field questions from the audience.
EdGross - 3/17/2010

EA's racing MMO, Need for Speed World, has started their closed beta. Find out how to claim one of the limited slots in the beta and check out the new screenshots and "Announcement" trailer!
NateBest - 3/17/2010

"After Peter has some luck selling footage of a celebrity he caught off-guard, he decides to become a full-time paparazzo."
DCF - 3/16/2010

Could this be a sign that the vampire genre is closing in on the end of this particular cycle? A humorous approach is being taken to the film "Vamps," which casts Sigourney Weaver as a vampire queen.
EdGross - 3/16/2010

A musical summit meeting between three guitarists starring a legend (Jimmy Page), a innovator (U2’s The Edge) and a purist (Jack White) showing not just their chops, but expressing their art.
DCF - 3/16/2010

A great song can be found anywhere. Do yourself a favour and give these a listen.
DCF - 3/16/2010

This is a Planet Hulk Fan Cast. With a combination of The Animated movie and Comic. I thought I would post this with Earth'sMightiest.
SHHH - 3/16/2010

DCF - 3/16/2010

Hurwitz has also done work on Graphic Novels such as Wolverine and Punisher. How does he do with his novels?
ecksmanfan - 3/16/2010

This is a Afro Samurai Fan Cast with the combination of Afro Samurai The Movie, and Afro Samurai Resurrection this is not his origin story.
SHHH - 3/16/2010