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It wasn't dead, only resting. Now, the CBS vampire drama Moonlight returns with a vengeance.
PAnthony - 1/16/2008

Fans of the 2007 smash video game hit BioShock will be pleased to hear the latest news from Joystiq.
JHill - 1/16/2008

The third expansion to Relic's Warhammer 40K RTS series recently released their downloadable demo!
NateBest - 1/15/2008

Marvel Comics has released two new stills from the set of Jon Favreau's Iron Man film.
Brent Sprecher - 1/15/2008

Universal Pictures and Rogue Pictures have just debuted the theatrical trailer for the upcoming action-thriller DOOMSDAY from writer/director Neil Marshall, starring Rhonda Mitra, Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/15/2008

Whether it is because of a dire need for new television, or that the show is really top notch, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles kicked ass last night.
JHill - 1/15/2008

Kate Beckinsale is absent from the next Underworld film, Rise of the Lycans, but producers are confident enough to send it cinematic.
PAnthony - 1/15/2008

Bill Gates speaks with the BBC regarding the Xbox 360, and its reliablity issues.
NateBest - 1/14/2008

Over the last few months there have been a slew of reports coming in about Wiis being used for physical rehab, but now it's catching on in PE!
NateBest - 1/14/2008

Earth's Review Corner, where all the reviews you ever wanted will live, begins here, with Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind.
JHill - 1/14/2008

Fresh from the RUMOR MILL: Producers are considering spreading the 776-page Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows over two movies.
PAnthony - 1/14/2008

The cover art for Louise Simonson's adaptation of the upcoming direct-to-DVD animated feature has hit the 'Net.
PAnthony - 1/14/2008

MGM has resurrected the Showtime series Dead Like Me as a direct-to-DVD feature. Whet your appetite for the summer release.
PAnthony - 1/13/2008

The Frontlines: Fuel of War single player demo is now available on Xbox Live!
NateBest - 1/12/2008

Nyko has apparently solved one of the biggest issues surrounding the Nunchuck (that it's wired to another wireless controller) by creating a wireless version, and CES loved it.
NateBest - 1/12/2008

The internet has, surprisingly, gone up in arms over Peter Jackson’s claims that there will be two movies acting as a prequel to his hit smash The Lord of the Rings. Take the jump to find out the real story!
JHill - 1/12/2008

The High School Musical star will invade cinemas for the first time with the sci-fi action comedy, They Came From Upstairs.
PAnthony - 1/12/2008

The Mexican beauty plays a bearded lady in Paul Weitz's adaptation of Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak.
PAnthony - 1/12/2008

Booster Gold tries to save Blue Beetle, Vixen makes a big change, and Catwoman starts her SALVATION RUN!
PAnthony - 1/12/2008

Get caught up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles before this Sunday's premiere!
PAnthony - 1/11/2008