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Heroes was the smash hit of 2007 and has only grown in hype since its season finale had people glued to their seats. With a second season in development and a cast that is growing by the week, a mocumentary has made an appearance on the net.
JHill - 8/28/2007

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be craving every drop of news that hits the internet for the new Batman movie. If that is true, then this Flickr photo set will really make you happy.
JHill - 8/28/2007

The most popular piece of downloadable content on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace will come without a price tag this Labor Day weekend.
NateBest - 8/27/2007

Casting, storylines, and those all-MoCap rumors.
PAnthony - 8/27/2007

A hardcore AVP sequel trailer hits the Internet with a wet gushy thud.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 8/25/2007

Paramount is mobilizing its live-action, big-screen G.I. Joe flick for a summer 2009 release date, with Director Stephen Sommers and Screenwriter Stuart Beattie leading the charge.
PAnthony - 8/24/2007

The 300 director chats about the teaser poster, resurrecting Nixon and a whole lot Moore.
PAnthony - 8/24/2007

Could Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds end up playing Deadpool
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 8/23/2007

The news just keeps on flowing in, fast and furious you could say, and it get’s juicier by the minute. News out of IESB is that the Justice League movie that has drawn so much attention over the past week could very well be entirely digital.
JHill - 8/22/2007

I reported yesterday regarding Christian Bale’s apparent lack of involvement with any Justice League movies that may or may not be in the pipeline. Bale was almost at a point where it seemed he was saying he did not want to be involved. Well it turns out he may have been on the right track after all.
JHill - 8/22/2007

I reported yesterday about Ryan Reynolds hopes and dreams for a Justice League movie, and its relation to his hopefully inevitable trip to the big screen in his own Flash movie. Well today, it’s time to turn our attention to Christian Bale and Batman.
JHill - 8/22/2007

Busty beauty Eva Mendes adds her dangerous curves to Frank Miller's labor of love, Will Eisner's The Spirit.
PAnthony - 8/22/2007

In an exclusive TV Guide Q&A, the former Veronica Mars dishes on her upcoming visit to the land of Heroes.
PAnthony - 8/22/2007

As I reported earlier in this past year, It looks like the web-head is going to do some swinging on the CW in 2008!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 8/21/2007

We announced earlier this year that Anthony Michael Hall had been cast in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, but we have been unable to verify what part he was playing… until now?
JHill - 8/21/2007

We all heard of the lucky bums who got to see a package of pre-approved scenes from the upcoming Iron Man movie at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. Well, according to a post on the official Iron Man MySpace page, Jon Favreau – director of the 2008 movie – we’ll be seeing some of that footage very soon.
JHill - 8/20/2007

The rumors have been circulating for months now regarding the possibility of a Flash movie, and Ryan Reynolds is the man most likely to pull on the red leotard of the Fastest Man Alive. But will we first see the Flash as part of an ensemble, or on his own?
JHill - 8/20/2007

The Punisher is one of those movies that are always going to do well at the box office, simply because of the underlying themes of a movie that sees an ordinary guy dispensing justice, especially if he has been on the wrong end of it before.
JHill - 8/20/2007

Kristen Bell joins the cast of NBC's Heroes for a multi-episode arc.
PAnthony - 8/20/2007 has reported that a script for a Justice League of America is getting a fast track push from Warner Bros.
CHorlick - 8/20/2007