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While having less horsepower then the Xbox 360 or PS3, the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will make up for it with extra levels.
NateBest - 1/30/2008

Support Your Candidates, Support Your Comic Shop!
RSimmons - 1/30/2008

The success of Bluewater Productions’s line of Ray Harryhausen Presents comic books has paved the way for yet another multi-media deal, this time with classic films restoration company, Legend Films.
Brent Sprecher - 1/30/2008

New Line is ready to re-launch the franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street by giving it a "complete overhaul". They are also pushing ahead on more remakes with another horror icon.
CHorlick - 1/30/2008

NBC has released new pictures of the upcoming Knight Rider movie airing Feburary 17.
CHorlick - 1/30/2008

It will go down as one of the greatest comic series of all time, thanks to legendary creator Brian K. Vaughan. We were promised 60 issues of Y: The Last Man, and we got 60 issues. But what about the movie?
JHill - 1/30/2008

X-Men: Messiah Complex just wrapped up and left the X-Men world in stunned disbelief. If you didn’t read it, though, check out the review!
JHill - 1/30/2008

The sleeper hit Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, promises more laughs and more pathos, as guest stars like Buffy's James Marsters bring sex, humor and darkness.
PAnthony - 1/30/2008

If Kudo Tsunoda is taking over the project lead position for GoW2, where's Cliffy B?
NateBest - 1/29/2008

The Sinestro Corps War that ravaged the universe is over, but...the Final Crisis is looming on the horizon! Just who—-or what—-are the “Alpha Lanterns,” and are they friends or foes?
Brent Sprecher - 1/29/2008

Marvel’s “speculative” title What If? is back and this time...Spider-Man is a killer.
Brent Sprecher - 1/29/2008

This one has it all! If you’ve been reading Marvel comics for the past couple of years, then you couldn’t help but notice that things are in great disarray, thanks in large part to writer Brian Michael Bendis’s mad plans for the Marvel Universe. In this double-sized annual, the New Avengers take on The Hood, their deadliest threat yet, but that isn’t all…watch out for Skrulls!
Brent Sprecher - 1/29/2008

Mighty Avengers vs. New Avengers!!! ‘Nuff said!
Brent Sprecher - 1/29/2008

Daredevil may be in the fight of his life against the deadly machinations of Mr. Fear!
Brent Sprecher - 1/29/2008

Chair Entertainment has acquired the right to make a video game of Orson Scott Card's Sci-Fi classic Ender's Game.
CHorlick - 1/29/2008

Some pre-primary principals in and around Johannesburg have forbidden action hero and wrestler clothing because of its 'negative influence'.
PAnthony - 1/29/2008

When Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary, stuck an arrow through the neck of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, on their wedding night, you knew something big had gone down. The first four issues of Green Arrow and Black Canary lived up to that expectation.
JHill - 1/29/2008

After seeing the game and the content in question, Cooper Lawrence changes her tune with New York Times.
NateBest - 1/28/2008

As two Captain America storylines draw to a close, a momentous comic book event occurs as a new Captain America is chosen. But will it be Cap’s old partner, Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, Corporal James Newman of the US Marine Corps or perhaps Clint Barton, formerly known as Hawkeye?
Brent Sprecher - 1/28/2008

A dead teammate cloned! Initiative trainees going rogue! A murderer in the midst! Super-secret government conspiracies! If you haven’t been reading Avengers: The Initiative, you’ve been missing out!
Brent Sprecher - 1/28/2008