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Everyone’s favorite woman – Jessica Alba – has given those of us Dark Angel fans a hint of things to come. It has been six years since the show ended prematurely, but maybe there is more to come. Also, Fantastic Four 3 ?
JHill - 1/23/2008

It is the world’s best selling game and, naturally, the most popular ever. I’m addicted, you’re addicted, let’s see who else is addicted to World of Warcraft.
JHill - 1/23/2008

A very intriguing interview with a source inside Microsoft that sheds a little light on the Xbox 360's hardware issues.
NateBest - 1/23/2008

Darren G. Davis, publisher of Bluewater Productions, Inc., announces his publishing docket for 2008, including several new titles!
Brent Sprecher - 1/23/2008

Production Photos from "Siren," the February 7th episode of Smallville--plus a plot synopsis of all six remaining Season Seven episodes.
PAnthony - 1/23/2008

The actor who plays the new Joker in The Dark Knight is no more. Early reports say accidental overdose...
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/23/2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been the dream-girl of an entire generation, whether it be thanks to Buffy or her role in Cruel Intentions. However she’s putting a preemptive kibosh on any plans for a Buffy movie.
JHill - 1/22/2008

Check out the smashing conclusion of Marvel's new video feature starring Iron Man, Spidey and Hulk as they wrap up their fight with giant robots.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/22/2008

The Nintendo Wii bested Microsoft's Xbox 360, but supply shortages made it a tight race.
NateBest - 1/22/2008

Rockband goes platinum after two months!
NateBest - 1/22/2008

Find out what Hellgate: London's first major update of 2008 will include!
NateBest - 1/21/2008

Paramount recently released a short teaser trailer of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek XI showing the Enterprise being built, with a brief voice-over by Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy!
Brent Sprecher - 1/21/2008

You’ve probably all heard of Craigslist, the online classifieds website spread across the world. Well, now we’ve got Warcraftlist. Heaven preserve us!
JHill - 1/21/2008

As of writing this the ticker on the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) tells us that the Writers’ Strike has cost them well over $220 million. But a ray of sunshine may just have spilt from the heavens over the strike with a new deal made between the AMPTP and the Directors Guild of America (DGA).
JHill - 1/20/2008

Barracuda’s back in Frank Castle’s life and he’s stronger, faster and deadlier than ever. The final battle happens here!
Brent Sprecher - 1/19/2008

Tony Stark donned his classic Iron Man armor for the first time in years last issue, but will it be powerful enough to stop The Mandarin’s scheme to transform humanity?!?
Brent Sprecher - 1/19/2008

This week, we rag on COUNTDOWN crossovers, SUPER-scheduling foul-ups and TANGENT Comics!
PAnthony - 1/19/2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar has passed on an update concerning the film adaptation of American McGee's Alice.
PAnthony - 1/18/2008

The creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski, “discovers” twelve heroes lost since 1945 in Marvel’s latest 12-issue maxi-series.
Brent Sprecher - 1/18/2008

The latest installment of the Mighty Marvel Podcast has been posted and it’s sure to have you seeing red!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/18/2008