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Tony Stark donned his classic Iron Man armor for the first time in years last issue, but will it be powerful enough to stop The Mandarin’s scheme to transform humanity?!?
Brent Sprecher - 1/19/2008

This week, we rag on COUNTDOWN crossovers, SUPER-scheduling foul-ups and TANGENT Comics!
PAnthony - 1/19/2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar has passed on an update concerning the film adaptation of American McGee's Alice.
PAnthony - 1/18/2008

The creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski, “discovers” twelve heroes lost since 1945 in Marvel’s latest 12-issue maxi-series.
Brent Sprecher - 1/18/2008

The latest installment of the Mighty Marvel Podcast has been posted and it’s sure to have you seeing red!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/18/2008

Platinum Studios offers up sneak peeks at their January releases, including two new titles: Gunplay and Big Badz.
Brent Sprecher - 1/18/2008

Looking forward to the next Marvel Zombies book? Want a sneak preview at the opening few pages? Take the jump then... BRAAAIIINNNSSS!
JHill - 1/18/2008

Marvel reveals new artwork variant for FF...
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/18/2008

They're leaking out very slowly, but some new shots of Mulder & Scully are available for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, no spoilers.
PAnthony - 1/18/2008

The upcoming horror film Teeth, directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, is being described as a superhero origin film.
CHorlick - 1/17/2008

With anticipation building, McFarlane Toys is giving a first look at the new Halo 3 figures.
NateBest - 1/17/2008

Yesterday CATHIE gave us the rundown on the Justice League movie finally being put on hold. Today, I’m going to take it a step further.
JHill - 1/17/2008

As the comic book series Y THE LAST MAN comes to an end with issue #60 there's going to be a party in Los Angeles to celebrate the event.
CHorlick - 1/17/2008

From THE RUMOR MILL: Ain't It Cool News has passed along gossip about the much-delayed Kristen Bell flick, Fanboys.
PAnthony - 1/17/2008

James Marsters of Buffy and Angel fame claims he is “hungry” for his role in Stephen Chow’s Dragonball film. Check out some candid shots from the set and a link to more Dragonball madness!
Brent Sprecher - 1/17/2008

The rumor bubble has burst regarding the G.I Joe villain.
RSimmons - 1/16/2008

According to the Justice League has officially been put on hold as predicted earlier this week.
CHorlick - 1/16/2008

The '50s late night schlock movie hostess and icon of the goth femme generation has died at age 86.
PAnthony - 1/16/2008

Comic and television writer Jeph Loeb and superstar artist Ed McGuinness chronicle the mystery surrounding the murder of the gamma-powered villain The Abomination in Marvel Comics’ latest new title: Hulk #1.
Brent Sprecher - 1/16/2008

Earth’s Mightiest Reviewers take a look at the latest comics from Marvel. Today, a little late maybe, Wolverine #61.
JHill - 1/16/2008