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Although Stephen King's next novel, 11/22/63, won't be published until November, Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme has optioned the rights to it as a film project that he will write and direct.
EdGross - 8/12/2011

Teaser of Halo 4
NickVonCool216 - 8/10/2011

The comedian/actor is in negotiations to voice Hong Kong Phooey in the upcoming live action/CGI film based on the classic Hanna/Barbera cartoon. More after the jump!
PaulRom - 8/10/2011

Syfy’s popular series Haven will become the first television series to create a storyline that flows between the show itself and the micro-blogging service Twitter when it launches a special seven-episode arc beginning Friday, August 12, at 10PM (ET/PT).
EdGross - 8/10/2011

Once you hear the title Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody, it isn't hard to figure out what it's all about. What is difficult to discern is how, based on the footage, Vivid and director/producer Axel Braun WON'T be sued by Lucas.
EdGross - 8/10/2011

Kathy Franklin has been named President of Franchise Development at Lightstorm Entertainment. Announced by James Cameron and Jon Landau, the hire signifies Lightstorm's commitment, in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox, to building the franchise and brand of AVATAR beyond the traditional licensing and merchandising avenues.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Though the movie's plot is still a mystery, with few details being released thus far, we now have out first look at Matt Damon filming a scene for the Sci-fi epic, as well as some mansion construction on set...
Johnathan Smith - 8/9/2011

What can we see about LeeAnna Vamp as a Green Lantern? Based on this video, she might have pulled in a few bucks at the box office! Check out the self-proclaimed "ghoul" of your dreams.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

This montage of clips gives a sense of what fans of Dexter can expect from the show when it returns for its sixth season on October 2nd.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

This video from Showtimes goes behind the scenes of the forthcoming sixth season of Dexter, featuring clips and actor interviews.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Earth's Mightiest Action editor Ed Gross caught up with Eliza Dushku at Comic-Con for a one-on-one interview regarding her voicing Catwoman in the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. In this portion she shares her views of the character.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Episode 2 "Project Mayhem"
After awakening in a war torn world, Geist rallies his forces to execute the mysterious Project Mayhem and has a run in with someone from the past.
Part 1 also included.
THEHAWK - 8/9/2011

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried star in the scifi thriller In Time, which plays a lot like a modern day Logan's Run. In this film, time is very much a very real commodity, its value oftentimes leading to life and death struggles.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

According to Variety, House executive producers Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner (whose previous credits include Martial Law, Smallville, Roswell and Boston Public) have interested NBC in a modern day, dramatic version of Frankenstein.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Our fourteenth episode features the group talking about their first music album and their first concert, then goes to Somewhere Cold to talk about the worst comic book crossover they've ever experienced. After that, it's video game discussion with the Red Faction series, and rounding it off is For The Fute-Cha!, focusing on DC's upcoming "reboot" of 52 of their main titles.
derekwc - 8/7/2011

Moving on to the decade of the 1970s the History of Comics On Film has a brand new introduction along with a look at the Filmation produced animated television series Sabrina The Teenage Witch that ran on CBS from 1971 to 1972 !

In the 37th part of this ongoing series that focuses on the History of Comic Books, producer Derek Crabbe views comics history through the lens of those comic book characters that are lucky enough to be adapted for both movies and television.
derekwc - 8/7/2011

How do you answer when someone asks you why you read comics? This is my tale of Funny Book addiction.
Kerry Higgins - 8/6/2011

Episode 1 "I Was Frozen Today!"
The first Episode of my MD Geist Abridged. Geist finds himself awakened from his long imprisonment in space. The world he finds is a hellish mixture of late 80's and early 90's cliches.
THEHAWK - 8/5/2011

Jason Statham teams up with Robert De Niro, among others, for the action flick The Killer Elite. Check out the trailer!
EdGross - 8/4/2011

This January actress Kate Beckinsale returns to her role of the vampire Selene in the fourth Underworld film. In this exclusive interview with Earth's Mightiest Action edtior Ed Gross she discusses what it was like returning to the franchise.
EdGross - 8/4/2011