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As BET unveiled their new programming line up an animated series based on Marvel Comics character "The Black Panther" is at the top of the list.
CHorlick - 4/18/2008

The lithe P2 star makes mouths water as she models her G.I. Joe uniform from the highly-anticipated film.
PAnthony - 4/18/2008

The series will bridge the gap between the first game and its upcoming sequel (Gears of War 2).
NateBest - 4/18/2008

Microsoft says European Xbox 360 sales have doubled since last month's price drop.
NateBest - 4/18/2008

Quintessential Def Leppard three-song track pack to be released April 24.
NateBest - 4/18/2008

United Artists plans to bring the 1989 film Teen Witch back to the big screen with High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale taking the lead role.
CHorlick - 4/17/2008

Set to ship June 23, special gold edition offers fans exclusive content at launch.
NateBest - 4/17/2008

The Last Of Disney's 'Nine Old Men,' Ollie Johnston, died on April 14th, leaving behind him a legacy of the most beloved animated creations in cinema history.
PAnthony - 4/17/2008

Ballantine Publishing House slates Unique graphic novel for worldwide distribution.
Brent Sprecher - 4/16/2008

Atlantis Rising is the second Platinum Studios property that Dreamworks Studios has optioned from the up-and-coming comic book company.
Brent Sprecher - 4/16/2008

The Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell has been acquired by DreamWorks and they plans to adapt it for the big screen as a live-action 3-D feature.
CHorlick - 4/16/2008

DC Comics and Sierra Entertainment Ink Deal To Create an All-New Comic Book Series Based on Prototype video game.
NateBest - 4/16/2008

Wii Remote Integration, Widescreen 480p Graphics Bring New Life to Award-Winning Game.
NateBest - 4/16/2008

Nintendo has released pricing details in anticipation of the U.S. launch of Wii Fit.
NateBest - 4/16/2008

The not-entirely-official Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li production site teased, weeks ago, that someone other than Rick Yune was taking on a major role. New rumors suggest that someone is Mortal Kombat's Robin Shou.
PAnthony - 4/15/2008

While it has subtitled and isn’t being shown at the official Star Wars website, the official trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars is on the internet and freaking amazing!
JHill - 4/15/2008

BioWare recently announced an entirely new Tactical Heads-Up Display (HUD) for Mass Effect on the PC.
NateBest - 4/15/2008

Nintendo Announces Surprise Addition to Wii Lineup.
NateBest - 4/14/2008

It's easy to enter, and you could win an Xbox 360 Elite console or other cool prizes.
NateBest - 4/14/2008

Skrulls. Skrulls! SKRULLS!
Brent Sprecher - 4/14/2008