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MTV News got the scoop straight from Rose McGowan about the latest on production for the remake of Barbarella which seems to be moving forward rather quickly.
CHorlick - 4/11/2008

A-list Hollywood talent crush their way into upcoming videogame based on the action-thriller.
NateBest - 4/11/2008

Director Sam Raimi continues to adapt and grow with the latest video trends as he turns his attention to the home video horror market.
CHorlick - 4/11/2008

A slew of young starlets (and 'old' pros) dazzles at the Prom Night World Premiere.
PAnthony - 4/11/2008

Bluewater Productions, Inc., announces its comic book releases for August 2008
Brent Sprecher - 4/11/2008

PC gamers are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on Mass Effect.
NateBest - 4/10/2008

Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios announce their line up of 10 new animated feature films 6 of which are from Pixar coming up through the year 2012.
CHorlick - 4/10/2008

No, you can't see the actors on the green set of Frank Miller's Will Eisner’s The Spirit. Except that you can. Just don't tell anyone.
PAnthony - 4/10/2008

We have a sneak-peak at some of the new Gears of War 2 inof that's in the latest issue of Game Informer!
NateBest - 4/9/2008

Venezuela erupted in violence and chaos Sunday as army troops launched multiple attacks against key government positions, bringing bloodshed and unrest to the South American country.
NateBest - 4/9/2008

Cookie Jar Entertainment recently inked deals with key European broadcasters, and licensed out two of its newest adventure shows, Magi-Nation and World of Quest.
PAnthony - 4/9/2008

THQ and Relic recently announced that Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II will be released in the spring of 2009.
NateBest - 4/8/2008

The upcoming film Repo! The Genetic Opera from director Darren Lynn Bousman has launched it's website.
CHorlick - 4/8/2008

Mike Dougherty's directorial debut with the horror film Trick 'R Treat has been dropped from Warner Bros. and it is currently seeking a new distributor.
CHorlick - 4/8/2008

Dimension's Hellraiser remake has hit some trouble as the directing team Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have quit.
CHorlick - 4/8/2008

Mystique’s back…er, bottom!
Brent Sprecher - 4/7/2008

Marvel’s least successful team is back…I think…
Brent Sprecher - 4/7/2008

The FF go “widescreen,” thanks to Millar and Hitch!
Brent Sprecher - 4/7/2008

Marvel’s mega-event, Civil War, compiled in chronological order for those who missed it the first time!
Brent Sprecher - 4/7/2008

Horror remakes keep coming and Jensen Ackles is negotiating to star in Lionsgate's My Bloody Valentine which is set to be in 3D.
CHorlick - 4/7/2008