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We're less than a week away from San Diego Comic-Con 2009 and another encounter with the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Seems like a good time to take a look back at an interview with Jim, Kaley and Johnny from last year.
EdGross - 7/16/2009

One half of television's newest Odd Couple is Johnny Galecki's Leonard, who more than anyone is the person that deals with Sheldon.
EdGross - 7/16/2009

Howard Wolowitz may THINK he's a lady's man, but nothing could be further from the truth. Meet the actor who brings Howard to life.
EdGross - 7/16/2009

You can never go wrong with having Natalie Portman in your movie, which is exactly what Marvel is doing by casting her to play Jane Foster, love interest and colleague of Thor the Mighty.
Jessica Rowley - 7/16/2009

Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the Black Widow leaves much to be desired in this camp.
Jessica Rowley - 7/16/2009

Entertainment Weekly just released its latest cover, featuring Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man armor alongside Mickey Rourke as Whiplash and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow!
Brent Sprecher - 7/16/2009

Marvel Entertainment Inc. and Madhouse Inc. team up to "re-imagine" four classic Marvel Comics characters in new anime TV series! SNEAK PEEK AT SDCC!
Brent Sprecher - 7/15/2009

Bluewater Productions, Inc. will be spotlighting President Ronald Regan in its latest installment in the POLITICAL POWER biography comic book series.
Brent Sprecher - 7/15/2009

Bluewater Productions, Inc. will be releasing an update to FEMALE FORCE VOLUME I that includes Sarah Palin's recent resignation as Governor of Alaska.
Brent Sprecher - 7/15/2009

Check out the winners of UFC 100
chrisblaze54 - 7/13/2009

He shouldn't be worried about being formerly obese. He should worry about his class of epic nerdiness. Jusssayin.
Jessica Rowley - 7/12/2009

Back at the height of the success of the original "V", author Ann C. Crispin took on the herculean task of novelizing the two miniseries and giving it a cohesive voice, despite the fact that the approach taken by the filmmakers in each instance was fairly different from the other. This interview with Crispin was conducted by Edward Gross back in the late 1980s.
EdGross - 7/12/2009

The latest poster released by the Weinstein Co. resembles a classic Conan cover.
Brent Sprecher - 7/12/2009

Regardless of starring in a Marvel blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds has been picked, MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN, to star in the new Green Lantern movie.
Jessica Rowley - 7/11/2009

Reynolds is the only actor still under option to play Hal Jordan in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN movie.
Brent Sprecher - 7/11/2009

Free New Game Content Coming by Early August; Button Controls Included In Additional Summer Update
NateBest - 7/9/2009

In some ways, Stefan Arngim's supporting character of Roy on the new "V" becomes something of a lightning rod for controversy between those who believe in the Visitors and those who are suspicious of their true intentions.
EdGross - 7/9/2009

I09 conducted an interview with SyFy’s Creative Director of Original Programming Mark Stern and discussed a number of subjects, including Tim Minear’s reboot of Alien Nation (as well as a new version of Quantum Leap, which the network is looking at).
EdGross - 7/9/2009

2K Sports Announces The BIGS 2 Now Available in Retail Stores! The Big Leagues just got BIGGER, as epic arcade baseball action returns to a new heroic level!
NateBest - 7/8/2009

David Farland's new book, based on the true story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Company, is online and available for pre-order!
NateBest - 7/7/2009