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Good Evening Nerds and Geeks! Welcome to the fightclub where you decide the fate of the fighters. Introducing today's fierce combatants. On the Blue Corner, fighting from a secret batcave somewhere in Gotham City, it's the Dark Knight Detective... Bruce "BATMAN" Wayne. On the Red Corner, originally hailing from Alberta, Canada, now fighting from the X-Mansion of Westchester County, the mutant known as Logan, the Weapon X... James "WOLVERINE" Howlett.
P0llMaster - 8/12/2016

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Upon seeing Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar's "Power/Rangers" short film (a.ka. "Power Rangers: The Unauthorized Bootleg," I could not believe myself. While it had some stunning effects and breathtaking plot points in it surrounding the Rangers after their supposed final battle, I was left with my head scratching. So, I am now expressing what should have been.
RayRay8907 - 10/4/2015

The MCU is a fantastic and undeniable rip-roaring success of a cinematic shared universe, but is it starting to overreach?
Joshua Jennings - 1/28/2015

Doctor Who is a longstanding and by and large beloved show about a time travelling alien and his companions in a blue police box, but has it lost its way?
Joshua Jennings - 1/28/2015

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The Universes Greatest Heroes Assemble For A Battle That Will Decide The Fate Of All Worlds.
TheMonolith - 9/28/2014

A look into the now tried-and-true formula that launched the most successful movie franchise in history.
ProfessorM33 - 9/26/2014