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Shooting locations have been found and an offer out to a "Major Actor"
ecksmanfan - 6/2/2010

The controversial but very well received sci -fi horror comes out this weekend. But here is one final net trailer to whet the appetite...
Cassidy - 6/2/2010

30 Days of Night director David Slade has turned his directorial eye towards The Twilight Saga with this month's Eclipse. In this exclusive interview he discloses his reasons for joining the franchise and reveals what he is intending to bring to it.
EdGross - 6/2/2010

Series stars C/J Haley and John Selig talk about their time on the couch.
Rick Desilets - 6/2/2010

The unique director wants you help to decide which movie should be his next project
ecksmanfan - 6/1/2010

The Oscar winning director has a Frank Sinatra biopic in the works and has his eyes set on a famous duo to play the crooner pair of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
ecksmanfan - 6/1/2010

Batman's stuck mentoring App Man!
Britethorn - 6/1/2010

Danko Jones is a three-piece hard rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), JC (also known as John Calabrese) (bass guitar), and Dan Cornelius (drums).
DCF - 5/31/2010

Marvel Comics hosts a wealth of characters that could eventually wind up in movie theaters, but fans of Deathlok shouldn't hold their breath — the cybernetic antihero isn't likely to arrive on film anytime soon.
DCF - 5/31/2010

Check out this music video created to the soundtrack from Fright Night with the J. Geils Band's title song.
EdGross - 5/31/2010

Although the late Roddy McDowall will forever be known from his roles in the Planet of the Apes franchise, he also made an indelible impression as movie vampire Peter Vincent in the Fright Night films.
EdGross - 5/31/2010

In Fright Night, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, actor Chris Sarandon played Jerry Dandridge, the vampire who has moved in next door to Charlie Brewster. In this interview conducted at the time of the film's release, he reflects on portraying a member of the undead.
EdGross - 5/31/2010

With Fright Night celebrating its 25th anniversary, while plans are underway for a remake, Earth's Mightiest salutes the film beginning with this interview with writer/director Tom Holland.
EdGross - 5/31/2010

Love Comics? Love Westerns? Love Dogs? Then Tex Granger Midnight Rider of the Plains is the flick for you!
derekwc - 5/31/2010

Guillermo del Toro will not be on board to direct The Hobbit.
teabag - 5/30/2010

I found this great article outlining Batman's relationship with guns throughout the ages. As we all know today, Batman and guns do not mix. This was not always the case. Read on.
DCF - 5/30/2010

Erik, Mat, and Neil get locked out of the apartment and run into some trouble.
Rick Desilets - 5/30/2010

Check out a number of comic book characters from Marvel and DC brought to photo manipulated life in this music video.
EdGross - 5/29/2010

In this music video see a number of different people -- including some actresses -- transformed into the Girl of Steel.
EdGross - 5/29/2010

Earth's Mightiest looks back to Laura Vandervoort's first appearance on Smallville as Supergirl via an audio interview with Al Gough detailing how and why the character came to be on the show.
EdGross - 5/29/2010