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In some ways, Stefan Arngim's supporting character of Roy on the new "V" becomes something of a lightning rod for controversy between those who believe in the Visitors and those who are suspicious of their true intentions.
EdGross - 7/9/2009

I09 conducted an interview with SyFy’s Creative Director of Original Programming Mark Stern and discussed a number of subjects, including Tim Minear’s reboot of Alien Nation (as well as a new version of Quantum Leap, which the network is looking at).
EdGross - 7/9/2009

2K Sports Announces The BIGS 2 Now Available in Retail Stores! The Big Leagues just got BIGGER, as epic arcade baseball action returns to a new heroic level!
NateBest - 7/8/2009

David Farland's new book, based on the true story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Company, is online and available for pre-order!
NateBest - 7/7/2009

Rumors are starting that Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays FBI agent Erica Evans in the new "V", could possibly be reprising her role as Juliet on Lost next year.
EdGross - 7/7/2009

While there have been relatively few reviews of the new "V" pilot, pretty much everything that has come out has been uniformly positive, the most recent coming from E! Entertainment's Watch With Kristin.
EdGross - 7/7/2009

In the aftermath of the success of the original "V" in 1983, writer/director Kenneth Johnson was asked to develop a sequel, which he did in the form of the six-hour teleplay for what was called "V": The Conclusion, co-written by Peggy Goldman, Craig Buck and Diane Frolov. That script, without Johnson's involvement, ultimately became "V": The Final Battle. What follows, however, is a look at the original take on the material.
EdGross - 7/7/2009

Atlus spoils Demon's Souls for PS3 with pre-order bonus art book and North American-exclusive deluxe edition. Official release date set for October 6th!
NateBest - 7/7/2009

Cult PC hit makes the leap to console! Playlogic Brings the Action-Packed "Infernal: Hells Vengeance" to Xbox360!
NateBest - 7/6/2009

Paramount is offering a contest through Facebook that could bring the movie to you!
Brent Sprecher - 7/5/2009

Tim Minear, whose credits include The X-Files, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside, Drive and, most recently, Dollhouse, is currently developing a new take on Alien Nation for the SyFy Channel. What follows is Newcomers Among Us’ exclusive interview with Minear conducted by Edward Gross.
EdGross - 7/5/2009

Megan Fox appeared as a "club kid" in BAD BOYS II before teaming with Shia LaBeouf and the TRANSFORMERS.
Brent Sprecher - 7/5/2009

The real Captain of the Enterprise stops by ATTACK OF THE SHOW! to plug his new comic from Bluewater Productions.
Brent Sprecher - 7/4/2009

Sure we all remember the classics, Bruce Timm deserves his praise Brave & the Bold better?
Scottymagic - 7/3/2009

The RPG from the makers of Gothic has entered the Beta phase and set to be launched on October 2nd!
NateBest - 7/3/2009

EA & Warner Bros. Announce Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Videogame Flies Onto Store Shelves This Week! The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Videogame is THE Place for Fans to Live the Thrills, Action and Excitement of Harry Potter This Summer!
NateBest - 7/2/2009

The 2009 Harvey Awards Nominees have been announced with the release of the final ballot, presented by the Executive Committees of the Harvey Awards and the Baltimore Comic-Con.
Brent Sprecher - 7/2/2009

Quick Introduction to moi with my views on 08/09
Scottymagic - 7/2/2009

The perfect way to get a sense of some of the differences between the original "V" and the new version is to look at the promos created for them. What follows is an NBC overview look at "V" from the 1980s, and the recently-released ABC promo for the new show.
EdGross - 7/1/2009

Caroline Kennedy is the latest addition to the popular FEMALE FORCE line of biography comics from Bluewater Productions, Inc.
Brent Sprecher - 7/1/2009