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Boil your Summer down to just two and a half minutes in this mash-up preview trailer.
DogsOfWar - 4/28/2010

In this exclusive audio interview, actor Bruce Greenwood discusses voicing Batman for the forthcoming animated DVD, "Batman: Under the Red Hood." Plus there's a separate audio interview in which he talks about playing Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek.
EdGross - 4/28/2010

"Birth of a Spartan", the new live-action short for Halo Reach, has finally hit airwaves and we've got it here for your viewing pleasure!
NateBest - 4/28/2010 talks with The Runaways cast Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon, director Floria Sigismondi and Cherrie Currie.
cici1264 - 4/27/2010

There are (always) a number of Twilight Saga/Stephenie Meyer-related rumors out there, and this is our chance to investigate a few of them.
cici1264 - 4/27/2010

Mike Fleming at has a report on the development of sequels to Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, though both may have significant creative differences from the originals.
EdGross - 4/27/2010

An artist named Gideon Slife has taken on the challenge of creating a Lost poster for every episode leading up to the final...
Cassidy - 4/27/2010

Now that you're on the main page for Captain America, please scroll down and check out the gallery on the right to see our sexy patriotic tribute to Cap.
EdGross - 4/27/2010

Tricky Woo is a Canadian indie rock band, based in Montreal. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Andrew Dickson, guitarist Adrian Popovich, bass guitarist Alex Crowe and drummer Patrick Sayers.
DCF - 4/27/2010

Check out this high res poster for Buried starring Ryan Reynolds!
Wolvie09 - 4/27/2010

What do you get with a bucket of LEGO's, a digital camera and a laptop?
DogsOfWar - 4/26/2010

Take a look at the latest independent film to hit the web.
DogsOfWar - 4/26/2010

Hit the jump for some juicy info on Scream 4.
Ozymandias - 4/26/2010

The sequel might not be dead after all! Plus some of the plot details for the sequel!
Ozymandias - 4/26/2010

Check out the trailer for the fish feeding frenzy
superdog - 4/26/2010

Check out this behind the scenes look at the forthcoming third season of HBO's True Blood.
EdGross - 4/26/2010

The director has two very diverse projects in the works.
DogsOfWar - 4/26/2010

After two seasons the journey ends.
InstigatorGIRL - 4/26/2010

In an exclusive "one question, one answer," The First Avenger: Captain America director turns his attention to the casting of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.
EdGross - 4/26/2010

In its five year history, the horror soap opera covered a broad range of story topics, and what follows is a look at its most significant arcs.
EdGross - 4/26/2010