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Actress turned writer Adrienne Barbeau (who, many years ago, was co-star of Norman Lear’s Maude and from there went on to such efforts as John Carpenter’s The Thing and Swamp Thing) has written her newest novel, which marks her second vampire tale.
EdGross - 2/27/2010

Have vampires been softened by Hollywood? That’s certainly the position of The Australian Magazine in this piece written by Ruth Ostrow and published on February 27th.
EdGross - 2/27/2010

Marvel may be prepping their Initiative for the Avengers in 2012 with a diverse ensemble of characters ranging from fantasy, historical, and (possible) current technology (Ironman), but will they eventually counteract the move by DC's intergalactic hero, Green Lantern.
NovaPrime - 2/27/2010

After seeing the movie, I've come to interview my colleague, about what she thought about the movie.
lavender - 2/26/2010

Survival of the Dead is an upcoming horror movie by George A. Romero. The feature will first be released via video on demand on April 30, 2010, then followed by a theatrical release on May 28, 2010. Poster and more inside...
777LEEE - 2/26/2010

Expect some revealing flashbacks and the return of a certain Bartowski in the season 3 finale...
Josh Wilding - 2/26/2010

It's almost time to travel with the new Doctor, as BBC America announces the fifth season of Doctor Who's debut...
Josh Wilding - 2/26/2010

After Lost's final season, we may just see Locke and Ben partner up once again on the small screen...
Josh Wilding - 2/26/2010

Based on the film of the same name, Backbeat is the Glasgow Citizen Theater's stage version of the early days of the Beatles, and Variety's Mark Fisher has reviewed the effort co-written and directed by Iain Softley.
EdGross - 2/26/2010

Fan Company's annual "Most Innovative Companies" issue has honored the Beatles' Apple Corps. Ltd.
EdGross - 2/26/2010

Since 2008 and the publication of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," historical mash-ups (literary or otherwise)with pop culture seem to have become a growing trend, the latest example of which is the novel, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
EdGross - 2/26/2010

While Media Geek and Roddy play video games, Fleischer expresses concern about their mutual friend Timmy Tribble as they try to help him through his identity crisis.
EdGross - 2/26/2010

Bit late with this one folks! Here's my thoughts on this Jack centric fifth episode of the finale season...
Cassidy - 2/25/2010

Hit the jump to see who Conan will be facing up against. . .
and it's not Shad Gaspard!
DogsOfWar - 2/25/2010

On April 15, Supernatural airs its 100th episode. However, one major character wont make it to the 101st...
Josh Wilding - 2/25/2010

Kaley has just appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine, and ET caught up with the gang to help celebrate.
EdGross - 2/25/2010

Chuck Lorre and the cast field questions from the press backstage at the Peoples Choice Awards.
EdGross - 2/25/2010

TV Guide caught up with Jim "Sheldon" Parsons as he exited the Golden Globe Awards. In this interview, he reflects on the evening that was.
EdGross - 2/25/2010

The latest sword and sandals movie has found a U.S. distributor.
DogsOfWar - 2/24/2010

There's something very strange about Superman on film. On the one hand so many people complain about Superman Returns and claim the character can't be relevant today, yet every time there is a rumor about the character returning to film, the Internet is set ablaze -- and it happened again today.
EdGross - 2/24/2010