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If you want to catch up with "V" prior to the show's return on March 30th, check out this ABC special.
EdGross - 3/26/2010

Not reaching theatres until 2011 is director Zack Snyder's follow-up to Watchmen, Sucker Punch, but actress Vanessa Hudgens -- who will also be seen this summer in Beastly, the modern-day version of Beauty and the Beast -- took a few minutes to discuss the film.
EdGross - 3/26/2010

Although it puts another nail into any hope of him reprising his role of Lex Luthor on Smallville, the good news is that Michael Rosenbaum is developing his return to television in the form of Syfy's Saved By Zeroes.
EdGross - 3/26/2010

The first chapter of a Punisher adaptation from the work of Garth Ennis
nero - 3/26/2010

Last time you got to see the casting, now time to actually see if I can write.
Here are the first few scenes of my take on GI Joe and what could have been.
nero - 3/26/2010

"I remember Louis' office - he had pictures of giant scorpions, the Medusa … I went, 'Oh, I know what this movie is: it's a lot of fun, it's just a boisterous romp,' - y'know, which is what it is."
DogsOfWar - 3/25/2010

Back in the early 1970s, DC decided that a radical approach should be taken to humanize Superman, and they turned to writer Denny O'Neil to handle it. For the most part, the experiment, as short-lived as it was, worked.
EdGross - 3/25/2010

The bearded one says Avatar has finally made it possible. This should come as no surprise to anyone. That said, Star Wars 3D would be AWESOME!
DCF - 3/25/2010

The title is Latin for "From eternity". In this ep we finally get the story on Lost's most enigmatic character, the seemingly immortal Richard Alpert...
Cassidy - 3/25/2010

Army of 2 is a Ps3 and Xbox 360 coop video game.
SHHH - 3/25/2010

James Cameron says there will be a trade off with certain aspects of the film when Avatar comes out on video.
Hawksblueyes - 3/25/2010

What's up with Joaquin Phoenix? He's surfaced again to further destroy his career by doing volatile PSA's--and now a sickening video for PETA! Take a look, but be warned.
Barry Dingle - 3/25/2010

Check out what Russell Crowe has been working on.
Plus, a new international poster has been released.
DogsOfWar - 3/25/2010

Britain's Telegraph has published an article announcing that a new species of Raptor has been discovered.
EdGross - 3/25/2010

"V" returns to ABC on Tuesday, March 30th. What follows are a series of video promos that the network has released.
EdGross - 3/25/2010

Blizzard Entertainment’s fifth BlizzCon gaming celebration to be held at Anaheim Convention Center October 22-23, 2010.
NateBest - 3/25/2010

The Jonah Hex Collectables for the upcoming movie.
SHHH - 3/25/2010

After three failed Punisher films Nero takes a shot at Punisher, MAX style.
nero - 3/25/2010

One of my favourite stories in comics involving one of my favourite super heroes. The Incredible Hulk in a story of epic proportions! Planet Hulk leads into World War Hulk. Here's the synopsis and cover art.
DCF - 3/24/2010

The filmmakers have some questions, starting with this:
LePew2010 - 3/24/2010