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Fans of Star Wars should get ready, because we’re not far away from a new feature film! But this time, the film will kick off the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV series.
JHill - 2/12/2008

Rumors were flying that Rob Zombie and other directors were talking with Lionsgate to direct the upcoming Conan movie, now those rumors have been offically debunked.
CHorlick - 2/12/2008

New Line Cinema just can’t get a break when it comes to the Lord of the Rings franchise; except, maybe, for the estimated $6 billion it made from them. But, according to reports, J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate has announced their intention to sue the studio.
JHill - 2/12/2008

One of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes is finally getting the treatment he deserves. In the ongoing series, the reins of Nightwing have been turned over to the capable hands of Peter J. Tomasi.
JHill - 2/12/2008

Can Power Man’s marriage survive in the wake of The Hood’s attack? Alias artist Michael Gaydos returns to Marvel for this special issue, guest-starring Iron Man’s Mighty Avengers!
Brent Sprecher - 2/11/2008

Wolverine’s ordeal with Scimitar, Shogun and Shingen is over and now he’s on the hunt for…Mystique!
Brent Sprecher - 2/11/2008

A new team member, new villains, and a dude with a church for a head await us in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy sequel!
Brent Sprecher - 2/11/2008

One of the brightest lights of the 70's Cinema Renaissance, Roy Scheider followed up the blockbuster Jaws with 2010, Seaquest and The Punisher.
PAnthony - 2/11/2008

Thanks to my review of Checkmate #21 & 22, I now can bring you an interview with writer Eric Trautmann!
JHill - 2/11/2008

Harsh weather means a few extra days of shooting for the Watchmen movie.
RSimmons - 2/11/2008

Relive the Old West, trips to the Moon & Mars, two JLA battles, the birth of Wonder Woman, the adventures of Rip Hunter and...ZERO HOUR!
PAnthony - 2/11/2008

Sam Raimi is returning to his horror roots by directing Drag Me to Hell, which he wrote with his brother Ivan Raimi, and has recently cast Ellen Page (Juno) to star.
CHorlick - 2/10/2008

The other day we reported on the rumors surrounding the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis, and the absence of Alison Porter's name from any news coverage. Well, now we know why! Also, sadly, Torri Higginson will not be coming back.
JHill - 2/10/2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Summer Glau is finally garnering the attention she deserves. Now read what the girl has to say for herself!
JHill - 2/10/2008

Bluewater Productions, Inc., announces its comic book releases for June 2008, including an all-new title: Gearz !
Brent Sprecher - 2/10/2008

You've probably heard that Microsoft recently dropped the price on their HD DVD player, but have you heard how well it's doing on
NateBest - 2/9/2008

Nintendo World Event in New York to offer sneak peak of groundbreaking Go, Diego, Go! themed game, the first ever Wii game specifically designed and engineered for preschoolers.
NateBest - 2/9/2008

Veronica Mars and Mean Girls vamp Amanda Seyfried tries playing a good girl opposite Megan Fox in the new Karyn Kusama film, Jennifer's Body. But some reviewers wonder if she'll wish she hadn't bothered.
PAnthony - 2/9/2008

Bioware announces Bring Down The Sky, the first in a series of planned downloadable content for Mass Effect on Xbox Live.
NateBest - 2/8/2008

The Makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie bring comic book movie fans their own slapstick comedy: Superhero Movie.
Brent Sprecher - 2/8/2008