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Nintendo World Event in New York to offer sneak peak of groundbreaking Go, Diego, Go! themed game, the first ever Wii game specifically designed and engineered for preschoolers.
NateBest - 2/9/2008

Veronica Mars and Mean Girls vamp Amanda Seyfried tries playing a good girl opposite Megan Fox in the new Karyn Kusama film, Jennifer's Body. But some reviewers wonder if she'll wish she hadn't bothered.
PAnthony - 2/9/2008

Bioware announces Bring Down The Sky, the first in a series of planned downloadable content for Mass Effect on Xbox Live.
NateBest - 2/8/2008

The Makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie bring comic book movie fans their own slapstick comedy: Superhero Movie.
Brent Sprecher - 2/8/2008

On Thursday, Bloody-Disgusting tossed out a big horror name for Conan director, and today IGN Movies added a few more to the list of contenders.
CHorlick - 2/8/2008

Actor Justin Hartley chats about reprising Green Arrow, while producer Al Gough dishes on the rest of the season and more.
PAnthony - 2/8/2008

EA's Casual Entertainment Label announces BOOM BLOX™, the first game developed in collaboration between EA and director and producer, Steven Spielberg.
NateBest - 2/7/2008

Director McG has revealed that the rumor of Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th series, appearing on Supernatural could become fact.
CHorlick - 2/7/2008

Stargate Atlantis’s executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has provided some answers to those fans that had questions on his personal blog. We get to find out whether or not Jewel Staite is a regular, why Woolsey is commander and more.
JHill - 2/7/2008

Val Kilmer is replacing Will Arnett in the role of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider due to a conflict of interest between car makers.
CHorlick - 2/7/2008

Check out the Quantum of Solace teaser poster!
JHill - 2/7/2008

The latest GamePro magazine cover has sent many Xbox 360 owners into a flurry with the promise of an announcement related to Gears of War 2.
NateBest - 2/6/2008

New photos from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But, abandon all hope of avoiding spoilers, ye who enter here...
PAnthony - 2/6/2008

A clever fan named Kehsen has taken his Legos and recreated the trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight. Take the jump to check it out.
CHorlick - 2/6/2008

The Destine clan is back as writer and artist Alan Davis returns to the super hero family he created in the 90’s.
CHorlick - 2/6/2008

Supporters who activated to oppose reports of Heath Ledger's drug abuse have had their hopes crushed today as the final results of his autopsy are in...
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 2/6/2008

Fans of World of Warcraft will rejoice with the soon to be released patch 2.4 providing a long awaited fix to Alterac Valley.
JHill - 2/6/2008

Zoot suit robots, high-flying gangsters and rocket car racing burst onto the scene at Bluewater Comics, home of The 10th Muse and the popular Ray Harryhausen Presents line of comics.
Brent Sprecher - 2/6/2008

Marvel’s answer to Wonder Woman fights for her life on Monster Island!
Brent Sprecher - 2/6/2008

The creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski, takes us back to the future with twelve forgotten super-heroes!
Brent Sprecher - 2/6/2008