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Cable, Marvel’s time-lost X-son is back where he belongs…in the future!
Brent Sprecher - 5/5/2008

Marvel heroes of the past travel through time to meet the Marvel heroes of the present in this incredible mini-series by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross and Steve Sadowski!
Brent Sprecher - 5/5/2008

One of greatest franchises in cinematic history will be returning to the screens next year, but this time the Terminator will be sporting a softer PG-13 rating.
JHill - 5/5/2008

It’s been one of those comics that has developed a weird amount of attention, but with Gail Simone writing, it’s not that surprising. So now, announced at New York Comic Con, Simone has announced she’s bringing back the Secret Six.
JHill - 5/4/2008

Iron Man could be the first $100M opener of the summer blockbuster season!
Brent Sprecher - 5/3/2008

Resident geek of geeks, Joshua S. Hill, reviews Iron Man. However, if you don't want to click, just be happy in the knowledge it rocked!
JHill - 5/3/2008

Beat the demo and get an exclusive cheat code for the full game.
NateBest - 5/2/2008

The first tournament is appearing today on the Mario Kart channel!
NateBest - 5/2/2008

Capcom just released a bunch of new images for Street Fighter IV, and has got them all for your viewing pleasure!
NateBest - 5/2/2008

She already was easy on the eyes. Now Australian thespian Teresa Palmer will be more than meets the eyes.
PAnthony - 5/1/2008

Buy Mass Affect for the PC and you could get some cash, or some cool Dead Space stuff.
NateBest - 5/1/2008

Spyro Trilogy Culminates with Premiere on Xbox 360 and PSe3 system; Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman, Christina Ricci, Blair Underwood, Wayne Brady and Mark Hamill Provide Voice-Over Performances.
NateBest - 5/1/2008

Film and Literary Legends Ray Harryhausen & Jules Verne team up again for the Back To Mysterious Island comic series.
Brent Sprecher - 5/1/2008

All-ages flip book will feature works from past winners DJ Coffman (Hero By Night) and Jorge Vega (Gunplay).
Brent Sprecher - 5/1/2008

Platinum Studios invites aspiring comic book creators to enter annual contest.
Brent Sprecher - 5/1/2008

U.S. Troops in Iraq to receive 27,000 Comic Books and Graphic Novels.
Brent Sprecher - 5/1/2008

Capcom's video game "Clock Tower" has been picked up by Senator Entertainment for the Weinstein Co. and will be adapted into a film.
CHorlick - 4/30/2008

Over the past few days we’ve been inundated with Hobbit news, what with del Toro getting the directorship, and rumors about who would reprise what role. So, it comes as no surprise to get our first official reprisal; Sir Ian McKellan will indeed be picking up the big grey cloak again to play Gandalf.
JHill - 4/30/2008

Alex O'Loughlin & Sophia Myles have assured Moonlight fans that their recent efforts likely will earn the vampire show a second season.
PAnthony - 4/30/2008 has some new "Official" wallpapers, as well as a couple that we created in-house, to spice up your desktop!
NateBest - 4/29/2008