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New Trailer now online!!!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/17/2007

In a letter to AICN Thomas Jane announced that he's dropping out of the Punisher sequel.
CHorlick - 5/16/2007

Check out 4 all-new movie stills now online!!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/16/2007

Will the UFC fighter be playing a villain in the upcoming film?
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/15/2007

Dark Castle Entertainment VP David Cambino talks about the film adaptation of "Sgt. Rock"
CHorlick - 5/15/2007

Industrial Light & Magic providing visual effects for Iron Man movie.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/15/2007

Maria Bello of "A History of Violence" will replace Rachel Weisz in the third installment of Universal Pictures' "The Mummy" franchise!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/14/2007

They look cool! I'm hoping, they're real!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/14/2007

Spider-Man 3 remained the number one movie over the weekend taking in another $60 million.
CHorlick - 5/14/2007

Dark Knight teaser page now online
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/12/2007

Check out 3 all-new images for the video game. Release Date: Jun 15, 2007
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/11/2007

Checkout the video below. Listen to Jackie Chan mention comicbookmovie.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/10/2007

Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/10/2007

Tim Roth has been cast in the new HULK movie as Abomination, the hulk-like villain.
CHorlick - 5/9/2007

George Lucas says Spider-Man 3 is a "silly" movie? Poo doo!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/9/2007

Rumors are stirring that "Lost" star Josh Holloway has been approached for the role of Gambit for X-Men 4.
CHorlick - 5/9/2007

All-New Transformers Movie Clip.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/9/2007

Coming from Warner Bros. Rodriguiez will be directing a live-action production of The Jetsons.
CHorlick - 5/8/2007

All-New DVD Cover art for Legion of Super Heros cartoon.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/8/2007

The studio that brought us Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop rests on the laurels of the beloved mecha series.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 5/8/2007