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Just a couple of Superheroes working the Night Shift together!
Britethorn - 6/15/2010

The Hangover's Zach Galifianakis, according to the LA Times, could be starring in a remake of 1964's The Incredible Mr. Limpet, a hybrid of live action and animation that starred Don Knotts as a mild-mannered fellow who gets turned into a fish and, in turn, finds purpose in his life helping the U.S. during World War II.
EdGross - 6/15/2010

If you like good comic books, or even if you just like good stories, then Strangers in Paradise is for you. Check out my review for Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 1.
JHill - 6/15/2010

According to, Disney has signed Sam Raimi to direct Robert Downey Jr. in the prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great and Powerful.
EdGross - 6/15/2010

Looks like this will not be strictly a CGI fest. The movie will have actual 8 foot tall robots for the actors to interact with.
DogsOfWar - 6/14/2010

Terry Moore is a comic creator genius and this is a look at the first trade paperback of his new series, Echo.
JHill - 6/14/2010

Plenty of new game trailers from E3 '10 at G4.
soperman - 6/14/2010

Swords slashing and plenty of blood. What's not to love with this new trailer?
DogsOfWar - 6/14/2010

DC has released a new trailer for the DC Universe Online game, which premiered at the current E3 convention.
EdGross - 6/14/2010

Faran Tahir (Star Trek, Iron Man, 24) will guest star in two episodes of Warehouse 13 this summer, as one of the mysterious and powerful Regents – the shadowy governing body charged with keeping the Warehouse safe.
EdGross - 6/14/2010

It seems that every week brings forth new information about different film projects based on or inspired by L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz novels. has some additional details on some of them.
EdGross - 6/14/2010

The 2nd and greatest Superman movie serial comes to the silver screen !
derekwc - 6/13/2010

HBO debuted the teaser trailer for the forthcoming fantasy series A Game of Thrones, based on author George R.R. Martin's fantasy book series.
EdGross - 6/13/2010

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sylvester Stallone talked about modern day marketing, and then shifted the conversation to action films in general and The Expendables in particular.
EdGross - 6/13/2010

Olga Kurylenko takes center stage in this batch of new stills from Centurion!
Brent Sprecher - 6/13/2010

Mat goes shopping and runs into a couple familiar faces in the Monk Jam aisle.
Rick Desilets - 6/13/2010

It seems to be a forgone conclussion that if you're female and a superhero, you're hot! The odds are just as likely that the girlfriends of superheros are equally hot. Read on!!
DCF - 6/12/2010

A big part of what makes a superhero so cool and interesting is his evil counterpart. This is a nod to the villain. The bad guy. The guys (and gals) we love to hate and sometimes just love.
DCF - 6/12/2010

With Spider-Man behind him, Vulture is reporting that Sam Raimi could very well be heading to the land of Oz to replace the departing Sam Mendes on a prequel to the classic tale.
EdGross - 6/12/2010

Absolutely not! BUT, if they are going to be made anyway then how about these?
DCF - 6/12/2010