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Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Serving a Cold Dish" CROW vs. PUNISHER | MIDDLE CARD- "All out Brawl!" JUGGERNAUT vs. SUPERMAN | MAIN EVENT- "Lightning Fury" THOR vs. WOLVERINE
P0llMaster - 5/25/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Creatures of the Night" BATMAN vs. NITE OWL | MIDDLE CARD- "Weapons of Mass Destruction" CAPTAIN AMERICA vs. WOLVERINE | MAIN EVENT- "Riding the Surf" GHOST RIDER vs. SILVER SURFER
P0llMaster - 5/24/2011

Edward James Olmos, late of Syfy's Battlestar Galactica, is reportedly joining Dexter in season six in a "major" recurring role.
EdGross - 5/24/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "A day in the Beach" AQUAMAN vs. SANDMAN | MIDDLE CARD- "Mechanical Mystics" DR DOOM vs. GHOST RIDER | MAIN EVENT- "Space Rage" HULK vs. SILVER SURFER
P0llMaster - 5/23/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Evil Reflections" ABOMINATION vs. IRON MONGER | MIDDLE CARD- "Spiky or Shiny" DOOMSDAY vs. SILVER SURFER | MAIN EVENT- "Color us Bad" HELLBOY vs. HULK
P0llMaster - 5/22/2011

Fanholes Episode #3: Aim of Hawkeye!! This episode the guys talk about their favorite d-list characters, the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon, sex in comics, Sucker Punch and the new Transformers MMO.
derekwc - 5/22/2011

Moving on to the decade of the 1960s the History of Comics On Film has a brand new introduction along with a look at the Filmation produced animated television series Hawkman from the Superman/Aquaman Hour that ran on CBS from 1967 to 1968!
derekwc - 5/22/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Bounty Hunting a Bouncing Blue Beast" BEAST vs. LOBO | MIDDLE CARD- "Incredible Destruction" DESTROYER vs. HULK | MAIN EVENT- "Locking Horns" DAREDEVIL vs. HELLBOY
P0llMaster - 5/21/2011

"I killed every living thing on Czarnia fer fun. I killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny an' things that don't even exist, an' so help me, I tried ta follow th' triple-fold path o' peace. I tried my best... but frag me for a bastich, even I got limits!"
P0llMaster - 5/21/2011

At NBC's Upfronts, E! caught up with the cast of Chuck to discuss the show's renewal for a final 13 episodes.
EdGross - 5/21/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Ninja Assassin BLACK WIDOW vs. ELEKTRA | MIDDLE CARD- "Hell of a Joke" DAREDEVIL vs. JOKER | MAIN EVENT- "Walking into Judgment" BLADE vs. HELLBOY
P0llMaster - 5/20/2011

Jerry Bruckheimer is one of the king of blockbusters, even if he has been running a little light the past couple of years. Check out a humorous video that imagines what a pitch meeting with Bruckheimer might be like.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Luc Besson's Transporter is becoming a 12-episode television series for Cinemax, and today it was announced that the show has found its male and female leads in the form of, respectively, Chris Vance and Andrea Osvart.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Stephen Sommerws has been making Hollywood blockbusters for years -- the most recent being the first G.I. Joe film -- but now he's trying something of a smaller scale by adapting Dean Koontz' novel Odd Thomas, which will reportedly be spawning additional novels. The film, too, is expected to become a franchise.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Michelle Williams has just signed on to be a part of the star-studded Disney prequel to the Wizard of Oz.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Warner Brothers is fast-tracking a reboot of Fletch, the '80s Chevy Chase franchise that is being seen as a complete reimagination as much more of an action comedy than the farcical approach taken on the original.
EdGross - 5/20/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "Addicted to Pain" BANE vs. SABRETOOTH | MIDDLE CARD- "Trick or Threats" BLADE vs. GAMBIT | MAIN EVENT- "Colossal Punishment" COLOSSUS vs. PUNISHER
P0llMaster - 5/20/2011

Stephen King's Carrie, which has already appeared in several incarnations (though most famously in Brian DePalma's 1976 film) is going to be remade by MGM and Screen Gems.
EdGross - 5/19/2011

Today's Matches: LOWER CARD- "I got my optic blasting eyes on your dark bat!" BATMAN vs. CYCLOPS | MIDDLE CARD- "Punishment is no laughing matter" COMEDIAN vs. PUNISHER | MAIN EVENT- "Dead Weight" COLOSSUS vs. DEADPOOL
P0llMaster - 5/19/2011

"The battle between Heaven and Hell has waged eternal, their armies fueled by souls harvested on Earth. The devil, Malebolgia, has sent a lieutenant to Earth to recruit men who will turn the world into a place of death in exchange for wealth and power, a place that will provide enough souls to complete his army and allow Armageddon to begin. All the Dark Lord needs now is a great soldier, someone who can lead his hordes to the gates of Heaven and burn them down." -- Cogliostro
P0llMaster - 5/18/2011