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Empire Film Group has acquired the rights to Henson, a screenplay based on the life of Jim Henson.
CHorlick - 2/5/2008

Word is starting to spread that the big screen adaptation of the video game Max Payne is going to start up production very soon.
CHorlick - 2/5/2008

Universal has confirmed the Jurassic Park III helmer to replace Mark Romanek on its remake of the 1941 classic.
PAnthony - 2/5/2008

It was only last week that we were praising the news that Guillermo del Toro, the director behind Pan’s Labyrinth, would be directing The Hobbit. However, the master director has some words of his own that set the record straight.
JHill - 2/5/2008

For those who thought that Japanese anime was just too there is proof.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 2/5/2008

Follow Tony Stark’s formative years as the Golden Avenger in this limited series by Joe Casey and Eric Canete.
Brent Sprecher - 2/5/2008

Sony Home Video highlights Bluewater Comics as part of Special Features on Ray Harryhausen DVDs.
Brent Sprecher - 2/5/2008

Microsoft says Ensemble Studios has no plans for a PC version of Halo Wars.
NateBest - 2/4/2008

Two new Iron Man movie images for your desktop!
Brent Sprecher - 2/4/2008

Director Lexi Alexander unveils new stills from the Punisher: War Zone set and announces the birth of the future Punisher!
Brent Sprecher - 2/4/2008

If you saw that awesome Super Bowl last night, then you already saw it. For those that missed it, or just want to watch it over and over again, you can see it here...
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 2/4/2008

Get loaded up on The Big Three--Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman--in their own books, guest appearances, and a stack of new collections this week!
PAnthony - 2/4/2008

Recent data from the sales-tracking firm NPD reveal some potentially troubling figures for PC game developors.
NateBest - 2/3/2008

The gorgeous and lovely Carla Gugino dishes on Watchmen’s opening credits and the Silk Spectre’s aging process, as we throw in as many adjectives as possible to describe She of the Perpetual Hotness.
PAnthony - 2/3/2008

Probably one of the best comics being created at the moment, Checkmate still stands on the verge of cancellation. That being said, take the jump to find out what I thought of Checkmate 21 and 22, the story of the new Black Queen’s knight; Mademoiselle Marie.
JHill - 2/3/2008

The Warhammer Online Newsletter for January had a golden nugget for those looking to get into the WAR closed beta.
NateBest - 2/2/2008

According to one analyst, GTA IV will break the Halo 3 sales record, which topped off at $300 million its first week.
NateBest - 2/2/2008

Yesterday I reported that Sanctuary had been picked up by the SciFi Channel. Now, as a result, Sanctuary’s lead Amanda Tapping will be departing from a full time role on Stargate Atlantis. On top of that, a casting announcement is coming this Monday!
JHill - 2/2/2008

Electronic Arts Inc. and GigaMedia Ltd, a major provider of online entertainment software and services, announced today that the companies have entered into an agreement to launch and operate WARHAMMER® ONLINE: AGE OF RECKONING™ (WAR) in Taiwan.
NateBest - 2/1/2008

The U.S. Army Heavy Weapons is sponsoring a special Play & Win Sweepstakes featuring Halo 3.
NateBest - 2/1/2008