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Titan Books' earns its first Eisner Award for its archival collection of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby works.
Brent Sprecher - 4/9/2010

With its second season unfolding each Friday night on Syfy, the British series Merlin is improving with each episode. Earths Mightiest caught up with actress Angel Coulby who portrays Guinevere, the future Queen.
EdGross - 4/9/2010

Montreal Gazette claims "When The Lord of the Rings trades punches with Lord of the Flies, you get a film called The Wild Hunt."
DogsOfWar - 4/9/2010

Malcolm McLaren passes away at age 64.
Bamf7 - 4/9/2010

And who is rumored to play Courtney Love as well? Take the jump to find out!
Bamf7 - 4/9/2010

Moritz gives updates on the upcoming movies hitting our screens.
teabag - 4/9/2010

Superb horror is getting the sequel treatment. This time with more action.
teabag - 4/9/2010

The continuation of my Garth Ennis adaptation, based on his "In the Beginning and "Up is Down, Black is White." WARNING ADULT CONTENT
nero - 4/8/2010

An amazing short from Carl Erik Rinsch has studios begging for more.
teabag - 4/8/2010

He is the creator of Prince of Persia video games and is now one of the writers for the upcoming Disney movie.
DogsOfWar - 4/8/2010

Wanna see the destruction of the world at the hands of Pixels? Check out Patrick Jean Rains' short film, Pixels, which brings back many a video game memory.
EdGross - 4/8/2010

......and it's AWESOME!
Bamf7 - 4/8/2010

Rumors have gone around for a long time now...just how serious is Microsoft about making this film?
Bamf7 - 4/8/2010

In a brief interview, SGU executive producer/co-creator Brad Wright discusses the evolution of the series and gives a hint in regards to what fans can expect for the rest of the season.
EdGross - 4/8/2010

Epic Clash or Epic Trash.....
teabag - 4/8/2010

Special edition of Blizzard Entertainment’s epic sci-fi real-time strategy game, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, includes exclusive art book, flash drive, soundtrack, behind-the-scenes DVD, and more!
NateBest - 4/8/2010

The guys that sang Mmmbop? No, they are the bad guys from Prince of Persia
DogsOfWar - 4/7/2010

What an episode brotha! Desmond is back, and he's at his old time/reality/universe hopping best...
Cassidy - 4/7/2010

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the sands of time
DogsOfWar - 4/7/2010

Considering that just about everything else is being remade, there's no shock that a reboot is on the horizon for Logan's Run as well, a project producer Alex Heineman recently updated reporters on.
EdGross - 4/7/2010