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Based on recent photos and the accompanying video, it's becoming more obvious that Miley Cyrus is more than ready to leave Hannah Montana and her teeny-bopper image behind her.
EdGross - 6/7/2010

As we get closer to the season three premiere of True Blood, cast members are speaking out about the show in this video interview.
EdGross - 6/7/2010

Anime Leader to Create Home Video Adaptation of Award-Winning Video Game Franchise “Dragon Age” as BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment Sign Anime Movie Deal.
NateBest - 6/7/2010

For Dev Patel, playing the villain in a Hollywood blockbuster is about as different from starring in Slumdog Millionaire as he could get.
EdGross - 6/7/2010

Ecksmanfan takes a look at films based on books that should be made and need to be remade.
ecksmanfan - 6/7/2010

Learn about the first film to feature Batman supporting characters Commissioner Gordon and Vicki Vale!
derekwc - 6/6/2010

The Joker is given the music treatment by Jan and Dean in this collection of images of the evil clown from Batman XXX.
EdGross - 6/6/2010

"Robin the Boy Wonder" is the Jan and Dean song, and the images are from Batman XXX.
EdGross - 6/6/2010

Images from Batman XXX focusing on the Caped Crusader are put to the Batman theme created by Jan and Dean.
EdGross - 6/6/2010

Confusion strikes as the Three Guys become unstuck in time.
Rick Desilets - 6/6/2010

The latest poster for Reynolds' new movie brings a touch of Hitchcock to the "buried alive" thriller!
Brent Sprecher - 6/5/2010

In New Mexico, remains from one of the largest horned dinosaurs to walk the earth was discovered. Seen as a precusor to such dinosaurs as triceratops and torosaurus, it's named ojoceratops fowleri.
EdGross - 6/4/2010

In a exclusive, it's reported that Jason O'Mara, late of the American version of Life On Mars, is in talks to star in the Steven Spielberg produced series Terra Nova, scheduled to debut midseason.
EdGross - 6/4/2010

For the first time in company history, Mattel will roll out a new intellectual property, Monster High(TM), across a number of diverse consumer products categories simultaneously at launch. This new franchise targeting tween and teen girls brings together the hip teenage descendants of the world's most famous monsters to brave the trials and tribulations of high school.
EdGross - 6/4/2010

This month Syfy is running a Planet of the Apes marathon with a movie per night, ranging from the 1968 original to 2001's remake. With Rise of the Apes going into production next month, it's a good way to get the POTA spirit going.
EdGross - 6/4/2010

This Christmas, Jack Black returns to theatres in what is the most... unique take on the classic tale of Gulliver's Travels.
EdGross - 6/4/2010

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack is now available On Xbox LIVE. Check out the screenshots and descriptions of each map!
NateBest - 6/3/2010

It is no mean feat to sum up an entire movie in 12 words or less. Kudos, then, to all those invisible wunderkinds who, at their best, manage to convey the tone, premise and flavour of a picture in a sentence guaranteed to lodge itself in the memory.
DCF - 6/3/2010

The CW begins airing reruns of the vampire P.I. drama Moonlight on Thursday, June 3, pairing it up with The Vampire Diaries. To celebrates, Earth's Mightiest offers up interviews with producers Ron Koslow and David Greenwalt from early in the show's production history.
EdGross - 6/3/2010

A Druid in distress prompts Merlin to hide the young girl, and finally
reveal his true magical self, in an emotional, exciting episode of
MERLIN entitled “The Lady of the Lake,” this week’s offering of the
popular Syfy series premiering at 10 p.m. Friday, June 4.
EdGross - 6/3/2010