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DreamWorks is developing the spin-off television series, "The Penguins of Madagascar", with Nickelodeon.
PAnthony - 12/11/2007

What goes better with a video game awards ceremony then celebrity guests, musical performances, sexy trailers, and women wearing nothing but body paint?
NateBest - 12/10/2007

"Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt has amassed support high and low since her scathing message to critics of her fuller womanly form.
PAnthony - 12/10/2007

Resident Evil is making its way to the next-gen consoles via PS3 and Xbox 360.
NateBest - 12/9/2007

Sam Jones III will reprise his role in Episode 13.
PAnthony - 12/9/2007

Hot off the heels of New Avengers, Marvel artist Leinil Yu chats with Brent Sprecher about the comic world’s newest smash mini-series: Secret Invasion!
Brent Sprecher - 12/7/2007

The original Spock actor blogs the fans about shooting next week, and Paramount releases an official synopsis and credits for the new movie.
PAnthony - 12/7/2007

Check out lots of red carpet pics from the New York premiere of the new fantasy film The Golden Compass--otherwise known as "The Eva Green Show".
PAnthony - 12/7/2007

Most notably, the invisible party member bug has been fixed. Read on to see the complete patch notes.
NateBest - 12/6/2007

Plot details and character hints about Terminator Salvation--and the Governator may cameo.
PAnthony - 12/6/2007

The former Darth Maul will take on the fan-favorite, enigmatic hero in Stephen Sommers's big-screen adaptation.
PAnthony - 12/6/2007

The Countdown to Santa continues, with Booster Gold, Batman, Black Canary and Bat Lash!
PAnthony - 12/6/2007

The 60’s Japanese cartoon sensation, Speed Racer, comes to life in this live-action adaptation, courtesy of the Wachowski Bros. and Warner Bros. Pictures.
Brent Sprecher - 12/5/2007

A quick rundown of the special features on the limited edition DVD set for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
PAnthony - 12/5/2007

Microsoft has issued a warning about a problem found with one of the features found in the new dashboard update.
NateBest - 12/4/2007

Definately worth downloading and taking for a spin. The multiplayer demo offers online play with lots of maps, customizable options, and best of all, chronos (time) grenades.
NateBest - 12/4/2007

iGames, the world's leading LAN Center Association, has announced that it will be holding a Gears of War for Windows $3,000 Tournament.
NateBest - 12/4/2007

Does Heath Ledger’s Joker have the “chops” to stand up to the Dark Knight?
Brent Sprecher - 12/4/2007

The National Treasure: Book of Secrets star says that he would “love” to be in the sequel to 2007’s Ghost Rider.
Brent Sprecher - 12/4/2007

Ghostbusters™ The Video Game to bring back original film cast to deliver next chapter to blockbuster films.
NateBest - 12/3/2007