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DCF - 3/16/2010

Hurwitz has also done work on Graphic Novels such as Wolverine and Punisher. How does he do with his novels?
ecksmanfan - 3/16/2010

This is a Afro Samurai Fan Cast with the combination of Afro Samurai The Movie, and Afro Samurai Resurrection this is not his origin story.
SHHH - 3/16/2010

Who wears the Black Mask? The true identity of Gotham City's new crime lord is finally revealed and that identity will surprise everybody – especially Batman! And after the final showdown between Black Mask and The Dark Knight, will things ever be the same for Kittyhawk and the Reaper?

Can you guess?
DCF - 3/16/2010

An online Battlestar Galactica game is in the works.
superdog - 3/16/2010's Jeanne Wolf discovered why Stewart worked so hard to sing and play the guitar and why, after the third time around, it's not getting easier to play Bella.
DCF - 3/16/2010

Final Installment of the Blockbuster Franchise Showcases the Power of the PS3™ system With Larger-Than-Life Gameplay, Stunning Graphics, and Legendary Storytelling to Provide Consumers the Adventure of a Lifetime!
NateBest - 3/16/2010

BioWare Fans Can Extend Their Journey with the First Expansion Pack to the Best RPG of 2009, EA’s Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Has Arrived on Store Shelves!
NateBest - 3/16/2010

Chuck Klosterman has written a few books on pop culture and I've enjoyed all of them. He has a unique view on the world and an entertaining way of telling his story. I often find myself laughing out loud. Give this book a read; I sure you'll enjoy it.
DCF - 3/16/2010

The movie about the Ninth Legion got a sneak peek showing at the SXSW Festival
DogsOfWar - 3/16/2010

Avatar director James Cameron is planning to re-release his hit movie Titanic in 3D.
DCF - 3/16/2010

Check out the first word on the new Bill Hicks doc which premiered at the SWSX festival...
Cassidy - 3/16/2010

Twilight series looking to up its prestige for the final installment.
superdog - 3/16/2010

A first look at behind the scenes footage from the next installment of The Twilight Saga, Eclipse.
EdGross - 3/16/2010

Hilarious and intriguing - Matt Damon's convincing performance reveals the many layers of this true story.
EarthsMightiestFan - 3/16/2010

A rare look back at what might have been.
EdGross - 3/16/2010

A brand new Predators posters has debuted.
DCF - 3/15/2010

Clearly making it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has very little to do with popularity.
DCF - 3/15/2010

Singer Axl Rose stopped Guns N Roses' concert last night (Saturday, March 13) at Estádio do Palmeiras in São Paulo, Brazil about two minutes into the show's opening number, "Chinese Democracy", after a member of the audience allegedly threw a bottle on stage.
DCF - 3/15/2010

Meet Said Taghmaoui
DogsOfWar - 3/15/2010