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New Sparrow for POTC sequels?
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009

Is this the real deal?
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009

You won't believe how I got all this !@#$%!! on my computer...
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009

The nightmare doesn't begin until April 30th of 2010, but we already get a taste of "Watchmen's" Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 9/28/2009

Largest collection of Superheroes and Supervillain in one wallpaper.
P0llMaster - 9/27/2009

She didn't write it, AND wasn't the original performer. Check out what happened!
disneychannelweb - 9/25/2009

Starting October 2009 we will begin filming DisneyChannelWeb podcasts to make news more interesting and entertaining for viewers.
disneychannelweb - 9/25/2009

Video: A mysterious little girl has been sited at the Cleveland film shoot in full costume on board ship! There is NO mention of any other girl in the book "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" besides Lucy, so who is this?
disneychannelweb - 9/25/2009

The actor who brought the muck-encrusted anti-hero to life loses his battle with pancreatic cancer at 72.
Brent Sprecher - 9/25/2009

From the mind of Shane Acker and the wallet of Tim Burton; welcome to a post-apocalyptic world in which life as we know it has ceased to exist.
WelcomeMat - 9/24/2009

Jo Pehl of MST3K fame adds more star power to Bluewater Productions with her Jailbait comic book!
Brent Sprecher - 9/24/2009

Allen Klingelhoets of Jazma Online interviews EM editor, Brent Sprecher, about his latest comic, Political Power: Ted Kennedy #1, from Bluewater Comics!
Shell - 9/23/2009

We received the following announcement from the Beatles tribute band Almost Fab: It's been a great month for us Beatles fans! Between the release of the Beatles Rock Band game, and the remastered CDs, there's been a lot to celebrate!
EdGross - 9/22/2009

Basically let's not skate around this now Fox has screwed the pooch a little with the X-men. Made money sure but produced one decent X-men flick and two passably enjoyable ones. The third of which left it in such a way there's not many places to really go so they hit the prequel button and cut the pretense and released X-men Origins: Wolverine which's made it's own canon time-line even more murky. I should warn you now there's no scoops, quotes, news here just my idle-thoughts on the matter.
Scottymagic - 9/21/2009

Somehow ye illustrious editor missed this terrific TV spot for the Beatles: Rock Band game, in which the Fab Four themselves are interacting with the crowd while crossing Abbey Road. Some terrific computer trickery is on display here.
EdGross - 9/21/2009

The dead continue to rise as the Blackest Night spreads across the universe. Half Hour Wasted's Frank A. Rincon and the Legion of Dudes' Ken and Adam join forces to dicuss the latest installment, and catch up on all the tie-in books that have released over the past month. Don't forget your boomstick!
hhwlodadmin - 9/20/2009

The popular epic fantasy graphic novel from Hong Kong comes to Hollywood!
Brent Sprecher - 9/17/2009

Bioware and Tor Books expand the Dragon Age universe with new prequel novel "Dragon Age: The Calling"!
NateBest - 9/15/2009

Bluewater Productions, Inc., to release ten bi-monthly rock-themed comics!
Brent Sprecher - 9/14/2009

Bluewater Productions, Inc., is adding J.K. Rowling to its popular Female Force comic book line!
Brent Sprecher - 9/14/2009