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Laura Vandervoort is, of course, best known these days for having play Kara/Supergirl on Supergirl on Smallville. But there’s a lot more to come from her.
EdGross - 4/2/2009

Jace Hall, the head of HDFilms and also the executive producer of the new "V" (the pilot for which is currently shooting in Vancouver)sent this message over to Visitors Among Us.
EdGross - 4/2/2009

Bluewater Comics’ line of political comics add two more powerful women: Condoleezza Rice and Princess Diana!
Brent Sprecher - 4/1/2009

John Cena puts the fans at ease while shooting down the Captain America casting rumor.
jman77 - 3/31/2009

This kid looks all out spooky. Tip: If this child knocks on your door, do not offer cookies and milk!!
jman77 - 3/31/2009

This confirms yesterdays rumors of a possible Star Trek sequel.
jman77 - 3/31/2009

EA and Starz Media go to Hell together with Animated Movie Based on Dante's Inferno Video Game. Feature to Complement EA's Highly Anticipated Game, Taking Players into All Nine Circles of the Epic Poem's Depiction of Hell.
NateBest - 3/31/2009

Are you ready for a remake of this Classic movie from the early 80's? Here is the latest news in the developments for one of Holloywood's Classic movies: Clash of the Titans.
jman77 - 3/30/2009

Egon lets go the news concerning the New Roles for the Old Players of the first Two Ghostbusters movies.
jman77 - 3/30/2009

RDJ will most certainly reprise his role as Iron Man, in Iron Man 2. But since that movie is a ways away I thought you might want to take a look at what he is up to right now.
jman77 - 3/30/2009

Damon Lindelof confirms what most of us already knew. The Producer also talks Running Time and Sequels.
jman77 - 3/30/2009

The Black Library Releases DARK STORM GATHERING by Chris Wraight! The Second Original Novel Based on Hit MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Storms into Bookstores.
NateBest - 3/30/2009

In this third part of an interview with comic book editor Marv Wolfman, conducted while "V": The Series was still on the air, he continues providing insight into making of the 18-issue comic book series (though at the time Wolfman had no idea the comic would ends its run at issue 18).
EdGross - 3/30/2009

One of the differences between the original "V" and the new version is the notion that the Visitors have apparently been living among us for an unspecified amount of time, infiltrating all aspects of society long before the arrival of the fleet of Motherships.
EdGross - 3/29/2009

The official site for the new "V" over at has gone live with a trio of videos which, while fairly empty in terms of substance, gives the promise that it will eventually host an inside look at the making of the show.
EdGross - 3/29/2009 has the updated fight card for this Wednesdays UFC Fight Night "Condit vs Kampmann" which will be Live in Nashville, Tennessee on Spike TV!
MMA - 3/29/2009

The recent announcement that Tom Hanks would be producing a film based on the old Major Matt Mason toy line from the 1960s immediately brought me back to my childhood and the realization that during my formative geek years my obsessions were pulling me in different directions.
EdGross - 3/28/2009

Another collection of original songs done by artists who feel the Beatles have had the greatest impact on their careers.
EdGross - 3/28/2009

Take our poll and see if your favorite is everyone else's.
ChickFlickFan - 3/28/2009

If you're a fan of "V" and you're excited about the new version currently filming, or a fan of the original from the 1980s, then you might be interested in some of the shirt designs we've come up with that tie in to "V".
EdGross - 3/28/2009